Mining is conducted at the Tucker Hill pit, 35 miles north of Lakeview, Oregon. Topsoil and organic matter are stripped from the surface and stockpiled for post mining reclamation. The ore is then drilled and blasted. All blast areas are mapped and drill holes sampled for expandability tests. In order to assure product quality, ore mining dig plans are designed on information gathered from this geological mapping and associated sample tests.

The ore is crushed to minus 1 ½" at the quarry site and stockpiled. The crushed perlite ore is loaded by Cornerstone personnel into over-the-road trucks operated by a local contractor and delivered to the processing facility.

The crushed perlite is reduced in size and sent through a rotary kiln drier. The ore is then further reduced using a VSI crusher and then processed through four new state-of-the-art separating screens. The various grades of processed perlite are stored in silos with a total capacity of 1,300 tons. The perlite ore is then blended to meet the customer's specifications and loaded onto trucks or rail cars. (see spec sheet page for information).

Processed perlite can be delivered from the Lakeview processing facility via rail or truck.

A quality control laboratory equipped with a test furnace is utilized to assure finished product meets or exceeds the requirements of customers. Additional samples are sent to outside labs to insure continued quality.