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Cornerstone Industrial Minerals Corporation is a privately held industrial minerals company engaged in the mining, processing, and marketing of perlite. The primary asset of the company is the Tucker Hill operation located in south central Oregon.

The company's assets in Lake County, Oregon consist of the mine which contains the Tucker Hill perlite deposit, the processing facility in Lakeview, and the trans-loading terminal near Klamath Falls.

The mine property consists of 800 acres of unpatented mining claims located on land administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Drilling and sampling have delineated a measured perlite reserve of 4.9 million tons and a property inferred resource in excess of 30 million tons. Test work on core and bulk samples indicate that Tucker Hill perlite exceeds industry standards for expanded density, furnace yield, and compacted density.

The processing facility is located on an industrial park in Lakeview; it is served by good highway and rail connections. Lakeview and the mill are located on a rail spur operated by a short line carrier that is linked to the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) System.

In addition to the mill site rail spur, Cornerstone owns and operates a trans-loading terminal in Klamath Falls, Oregon which is served by the Burlington Northern Railway (BN), and conecting with the Canadian National (CN). Cornerstone serves customers throughout the West, Midwest, and Canada. Processed perlite is trucked from the processing facility in Lakeview to the trans-loading terminal.

The company is now looking into expanding once again in 2012. Our current production remains consistent with the market place. But one gets the sense of new market horizons not only in the United States but also in Asia. We are getting more and more inquires from all over the globe. We think it would be good to expand our processing capabilities to take advantage of new markets.

We will continue to supply our many established customers with high grade Perlite ore into the future.


The Product: Perlite

Perlite is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that contains between 2 and 5 percent percent water in the glass structure. When subjected to heat, the Perlite will expand up to 20 times its original volume. The expansion is due to a change in state of the water found within the structure of the rock. The physical properties of the light weight expanded perlite give this product unique commercial value for building construction, horticulture, and industrial uses.

The expanded perlite is ideal for use in lightweight acoustical and thermal insulating plaster materials, insulating and lightweight concrete, horticultural, and as a filtering medium. Cornerstone's perlite is dominantly used in building construction products and horticultural applications.

Sales Department

The recent expansion will increase capacity and operational flexibility allowing Cornerstone to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Identifying the customers required product mesh size and researching the most reasonable means of freight are done daily to provide the optimum product at the lowest cost.

We are currently making 11 standard grades and several custom blends of perlite for our customers. For pricing, freight rates or product information, please contact:

Bill Mihalopoulos (Sales Manager) / ph. 610-745-7520 / email:

Bobbie Hickey (Site & Customer Service Manager) / ph. 541-947-5755 ext. 23 / email:

Cornerstone Industrial Minerals, Inc